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Everything You Need to Know about Meetsurrogatemothers

Meet Surrogate Mothers was founded with the belief that every family deserves the chance to grow. Our agency was established by a team of passionate professionals who have experienced the joys and challenges of surrogacy firsthand. We are committed to providing a supportive environment where dreams of parenthood can become a reality.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a bridge between intended parents and surrogate mothers, fostering relationships built on trust, respect, and mutual support. We strive to ensure that every surrogacy journey is a positive and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Our Awards


Surrogate Mother of the Year Award

This award recognizes a surrogate mother who has demonstrated exceptional commitment, compassion, and selflessness throughout the surrogacy process. Her dedication to helping intended parents achieve their dreams of parenthood sets an inspiring example for others.

Intended Parents of the Year Award

This award honors a pair of intended parents who have shown remarkable dedication, patience, and kindness throughout their surrogacy journey. Their approach has fostered a positive and supportive environment for their surrogate mother, ensuring a harmonious and successful experience.

Surrogacy Advocate of the Year Award

This award celebrates an individual or organization that has made a significant impact in the surrogacy community through advocacy, education, and support. Their efforts have helped to raise awareness, promote ethical practices, and provide invaluable resources for both surrogates and intended

Our Happy Clients

Patience Kolade

“Meet Surrogate Mothers made our dream of having a child come true. The team was supportive and understanding every step of the way.”

Patience Kolade


“Becoming a surrogate was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The agency provided excellent support and made sure I felt valued and respected.”