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We facilitate a legal surrogacy arrangement where another woman helps to carry pregnancy for another woman or persons.

in vitro fertilization

Our  process of fertilization  letting sperm to fertilize the egg is  well handled by our IVF Specialist.


Become an egg donor by donating your eggs to another woman. This is a process in which a fertile woman donates her eggs.

Who We Are

Meet surrogate Mothers Agency is a surrogacy agency and equally offer consultancy services in all area of fertility care. We work in partnership with IVF hospital in Nigeria to offer all our medical services.

New Music! Baale by Ronnie

Baale (Chief) by Ronnie is a storm calming song to raise fund for IVF treatment for couples.

Our ServicesMeetsurrogatemothers


Using pre-genetic testing, sex and genotype can be selected after IVF is done.


We provide and facilitate Surrogacy arrangement  lawyers and Surrogacy solicitors giving legal advice about surrogacy in Nigeria


We make getting pregnant easy by IVF. Process involves monitoring and stimulating a woman’s ovulatory process..


A procedure to preserve a woman’s eggs  This technique has been used to enable women to postpone pregnancy to a later date

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With Surrogacy Option,
Parenthood comes alive! brings an unmatched level of expertise and support to help Parents to be, Egg Donors, Sperm Donors, and Surrogate Mothers investigate the majority of their choices of the very mind boggling way of surrogacy.

  • We have confidence as far as we can to create a platform to give the best assets, solace and data to debilitate the potential outcomes and general adjusts for building a happy families using surrogacy options.

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    Meet Surrogate Mothers.

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