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● Surrogacy is when another woman helps you to carry your pregnancy; the carrier is called surrogate mother while the owner of the baby is referred to as commissioning parent or intending parent.(YOU as the case maybe)

● #Types

There are two types of Surrogacy;

1.Gestational Surrogacy

2. Traditional Surrogacy.

In gestational Surrogacy the couple’s eggs and sperm are fertilized using IVF (In vitro fertilization) and the embryos are transferred into the Surrogate mother’s womb. The Surrogate mother is not genetically linked to the baby she is carrying.

In traditional Surrogacy, the eggs of the Surrogate mother are used during the IVF or sexual intercourse or intrauterine insemination which implies that the child she is carrying is hers.

At Meet Surrogate mothers agency, we ONLY PRACTICE gestational Surrogacy.

The babies are not that of the Surrogate mothers but that of the commissioning parents.

We serve as an intermediary between the Surrogate mothers and the intending parents such that both do not have to know each other. We manage surrogate mothers on behalf of the intending parents. Intending parents are carried along on important stages of the pregnancy. We have proper structure in place to ensure both parties’ interest are well protected.

For whatever reason you might be considering Surrogacy , your confidenciality is paramount to us.

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