Meet Dr. Ugwueke Thaddeus one of the leading IVF specialist in the Nigeria

Emobile Specialist Hospital is our major partner specialist hospital in offering Surrogacy program in Nigeria. It is owned by Dr. Ugwueke Thaddeus.

He is one of the leading IVF specialist in the Nigeria with success rate of about 80%. He is MD of Emobile Specialist Hospital formally Emobileclinic.

He is a graduate of University of Ibadan and has a membership of National postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria. Over the years he has focused on male and female infertility ,offering solutions and coming up with targeted approaches to suit each couple’s need. Most importantly is treating couples with failed IVF cycles from all over the world using a thorough screening methods to know where the issue(s) are and tackling it differently to achieve success. He is highly success driven.

He is happily married with children.

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