LGBT Surrogacy

We support Lesbian, gay , bi-sexual and transgender intending parents who wants to use our surrogacy program to become a parent at Meet Surrogate Mothers Agency.

Lesbians can both use their eggs in the process of IVF to fertilize Sperm from one male. However we do not mix eggs together so fertilization has to take place from each intending parents. We will also transfer the embryos into two different surrogate mothers.

Gay surrogacy is equally supported at our agency. Eggs can be gotten from one donor and shared between both intending parents. This is on a condition that the donor has enough eggs to share. Fertilization will happen separately without mixing the embryos together. Two surrogates will be used to carry the embryos differently.

Bi-sexual and transgender intending parents will have to follow any of our above rules as it applies to them.

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