At this moment there aren’t any directions about who can be a surrogate mother. However, specialists concur on a couple of focuses about how to choose one.

You ought to pick a surrogate who:

Is no less than 21 years of age

Has effectively brought forth no less than one sound infant so she sees firsthand the restorative dangers of pregnancy and labor and the intense subject matters of holding with an infant

Has passed a mental screening by a psychological wellness expert to reveal any issues with surrendering the child after birth

Signs an agreement about her part and obligations in the pregnancy, for example, pre-birth care and consenting to give you the child after birth

Utilizing a Surrogate

The American Culture for Regenerative Prescription says a surrogate ought to get a therapeutic exam to watch that she’s probably going to have a sound, full-term pregnancy. The association proposes she gets tests that check for irresistible ailments, for example, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV, cytomegalovirus, and hepatitis B and C.

Surrogates ought to motivate tests to ensure they have invulnerability to measles, rubella (German measles), and chickenpox. Likewise, you might need to ask that she get a restorative strategy to outwardly “delineate” uterus, which can enable the specialist to check her capability to convey a pregnancy. A surrogate mother ought to have her own specialist amid pregnancy as opposed to utilize yours.

The cost of surrogacy varies from country to country but in US is from $80,000 to $120,000. Many things go into the cost, for example, regardless of whether the surrogate has her own particular medicinal protection or whether you have to purchase a surrogacy-pregnancy strategy for her;accomodation,feeding,cloth allowance etc.

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